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On top of that, the CEO noted the company has enough space to detain 7000 more people than it is right now, which could mean another $60 million per year in revenue.

GEO Group investors who asked questions on the call were closely following the impact of Trump’s changes on the business, peppering the executives with questions about how policy changes could make the company more lucrative. Michael Kodesch, an analyst with Cannacord Genuity, asked what the company saw as “the new opportunity set” given Congressional budgeting.

“What we see is ICE beginning to implement their interior enforcement strategy,” said David Venturella, the company’s senior vice president of business development. “For the past 8 to 10 years, the focus has been on the border. I think everybody has seen the number of apprehensions and crossings going down, so Phase 2 of that strategy is to focus in the interior.

“We’ll start to see the benefits of that through increased apprehensions and increased detention in the interior part of the United States, not necessarily along the southern border,” he added….

“I think any enforcement by federal law enforcement agencies could generate more prosecution convictions and then eventual detention in the federal system,” Venturella said. “I think the attorney general’s recent announcement regarding the prosecution of criminal aliens would apply to all the federal agencies, so we will monitor the impact of that new policy directive. But certainly, any increase in law enforcement activity could generate additional apprehensions and then eventually detentions.”

The company, GEO Group, contracts with governments around the world to incarcerate 100,000 people, and its top executives expressed optimism on a public shareholder call on Tuesday about how Trump’s immigration crackdown will impact their business. It’s indicative of a cultural overhaul taking place under the Trump administration—where well-connected multi-national corporations are poised to see significant financial gains because of tougher immigration law enforcement.

GEO Group has close ties to Trump’s political circles. The company gave $250,000 to Trump’s inauguration, according to A subsidiary of the company gave $225,000 to a super PAC helmed by the Mercer family. And Rebekah Mercer, hedge fund manager Robert Mercer’s daughter, is Propet Mens M5015 Scandia Strap SlipOn Black Grain aWyxrrh2
to be one of the most influential donors in Trump’s circle. And last October, the company retained two former aides to now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to lobby the federal government on prison contracts, as Politicoreported .

Beyond being politically connected, GEO Group is controversial. Immigrants’ rights groups have long criticized it and its biggest American counterpart, CoreCivic, for the way they treat detainees. And in February, a federal judge ruled that former detainees at one GEO immigrant detention center could direct a class-action lawsuit at the company for forcing them to work for little or no wages—which they allege violates the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. GEO strongly denies those allegations.

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Lesson Objective 1: Understand the difference between value trading and value investing.

Lesson Objective 2: Understand the difference between an asset and a liability.

Lesson Objective 3: Who created the idea of Value Investing.

In this lesson we will look at Warren Buffett’s third rule, and why he thinks it is important that his stock picks are both stable and understandable.

Imagine a young investor – let’s call him Andrew. He has a lot of energy and many great ideas that he all thinks should have an honest try. When tracking his equity, earnings, and debt over a 10 year period it can be observed that his track record is all over the place. There is no stability at all to see. In other words: It is impossible to know how he is financially 10 years from now. This does not mean that he can have stable earnings in the next 10 years, but everything else equal, it would probably not be wise to think that we can predict the financial future for him.

Imagine another investor – let’s call her Linda. She is very considerate in her in her investing approach and makes a thorough research every time she buys a new stock. We observe that the development of her equity is very steady and increasing. In any case we can say that it is less risky to predict where Linda is in 10 years financially than Andrew.


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